Everything you need to know about hand sanitizing gels

The emergency of Covid-19 has made disinfectant gels indispensable. But what exactly do these gels do? What do they contain? How long does their effectiveness last from the time of application? Do they really protect us? HAND DISINFECTANTS: WHAT DO THEY CONTAIN? Most gel disinfectants are based on alcohol or nitrogen derivatives, and contain perfume…

How to hydrate dry hair

There are several products on the market that promise to do what we need, but how can we find the right product without spending a fortune before finding it? Here, we can give you a hand, we tried and tested different products of different and prestigious brands, but in the end we chose one for you. Thanks to time and your loving care, your hair will return healthy, strong and shiny.

Coronavirus emergency in the Coiffure sector

#CORONAVOUCHER is a purchase voucher that a customer purchases directly from his hairdresser and has the purpose of providing immediate financial availability to hairdressers, currently seriously affected economically following the coronavirus emergency that forced them to close their businesses. The purchase of this voucher will allow the hairdresser to cover management costs and lost earnings pending state intervention and post-emergency reopening.

Cut: the Bob and its latest variants.

The fashion of the year wants short hair, that’s why, from the fashion shows to the hairdressing salons, the Bob has been re-proposed, but with some news: let’s discover it together.

Dimethicone on the hair.

Dimethicone is a chemical substance derived from the family of silicones that has various uses in cosmetics, but is also used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products.

K-Perfection: hair reconstruction

This is a deeper treatment than a normal hair conditioner. It serves to reconstruct the inner and outer part of the hair, and the result lasts over time. Often the hair conditioners and masks work only on the superficial part of the hair, while the reconstruction treatments restore the keratin of the hair to the hair.

The evolution of ammonia-free coloring thanks to the “Micro Pure Pigments” technology

GRACE, the new coloring for natural hair and without ammonia.

This is a new color range of NIKA Hair Beauty Excellence®, without ammonia. GRACE is in fact based on the new Micro Pure Pigments (MPP) technology.

The innovative permanent professional coloring system, the result of research by NIKA laboratories, is totally free of ammonia, PPD and resorcinol.

How to properly apply hairspray

How to properly apply hairspray

Hairspray is a product that cannot be missing in any woman’s beauty case: it is used to fix the hairstyle, to give volume or to sculpt the hair, so as to remain perfectly combed for a long time.

How to apply hair foam

Hair mousse is a product used to style hair to make it more voluminous and give it a shiny appearance.

It is lighter than gels and creams, an advantageous feature for various reasons: it does not weigh down the hair or mix it by sticking it.

The foam is perfect for men and women, especially if they have thin hair and want more volume.

PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate

In cosmetics it is used as a degreaser in shampoos and body cleansers, thanks to its lubricating, emollient and conditioned properties for the skin and hair.

What is Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate?

Disodium cocoanfodiacetate is an eco-certified secondary / primary amphoteric surfactant with high skin tolerability, good wetting and foaming power even in the presence of salts and oils, even in hard waters, without preservatives totally of natural origin.

Balayage, the new trends for hair

The balayage is a lightening technique that compared to the others manages to create more or less emphasized natural nuances without having any kind of sharp and clear line, as instead happened with the classic sunstroke or the outdated meches.