How to bleach the hair without damaging it!


Is there a way to bleach the hair without damaging it or stressing it? Until some time ago it was not possible, but now, with the new discoveries in the laboratory, finally the change of look is no longer a problem.

Stile Creativo Coiffure Lausanne

Discoloration is a process that opens the hair (destructive oxidation of melanin). In fact, despite the latest discoveries, it is still a delicate process for the health of the hair, and if last generation products are not used, you risk ruining the hair of the customers, an unsuitable product on an already stressed hair can cause irreparable damage, especially in extreme bleaching.

Until some time ago it was recommended, after bleaching, to use specific masks for hair and restructuring treatments.

Today through ECOVEXX it is possible to bleach the hair even at a fast pace, leaving it perfectly intact and vital. For example, to get to a pastel color you have to lighten to an extreme blond to avoid the orange effect.

Is there a high quality bleaching powder, based on cationic proteins, which allows to lighten up to 9 tones in total serenity? The answer is yes.

It can be used alone or with ECOVEXX depending on the type of result you want to obtain and the type of hair you have in front of you.

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