The innovation of hair coloring, thanks to the NIKA liquid pigments


Six new pure pigments designed to create trendy color games or to give new life to dull colors

NIKA Hair Beauty Excellence premium brand of professional hair products, which since 2012 has the aim of satisfying a demanding clientele with high quality and safe products, announces the launch of Liquid Pigments, a series of six pure pigments made for hairdressers who they want to offer customers something more than the usual color, always obtaining a personalized and “made to measure” result.

In fact, NIKA Liquid Pigments can be mixed with any type of treatment to create trendy color games, to tone, to turn off unwanted shades, but also to give life to a dull color, guaranteeing the hair a healthy, vital and shiny look.

The versatility of Liquid Pigments allows in fact to modulate the intensity of the result, enhancing the creativity of the hair stylist. Depending on the quantity used and the base color on which you are working, a subtle or medium or decisive effect can be obtained, without any risk of error.

Six pigments in the name of versatility

Blueberry (Violet Ash): ideal for preserving and emphasizing shades of violet and enriching with vibrant reflections the dark cosmetic shades and natural hair. It also acts as a powerful anti-yellow. It is ideal for blonde highlights, gray or white hair and balances unwanted warm shades in lighter shades.

Cherry (Red): a pigment to be used when you want to brighten and intensify the brilliance of reds, livening them up with pleasant cherry-colored reflections. It is ideal for customizing red / purple, red / copper, brown / red tones as well as balancing unwanted ash / green shades.

Ginger (Copper): perfects and awakens with vigorous and sensual accents the vigor of coppery nuances that tend to go out and lose intensity. It is ideal for copper blonde, red and strawberry shades.

Honey (Gold): golden honey pigment to revive and emphasize the charm of warm blondes, lighting them with refined reflections of gold tones. Perfect for blonde highlights and light brown shades.

Walnut (Ash gold): this pigment is designed to give an enveloping depth and delicate amber reflections to light cosmetic or natural browns that need a boost of energy in order not to appear dull and dull. It is ideal for light brown, blond or blended hair and can balance unwanted warm shades in lighter shades.

Chocolat (Gold mahogany): a pure pigment designed specifically for dark and natural browns to make them bright, deep and caressed by sweet chocolate brown shades. It also allows you to cool / neutralize unwanted warm shades and give depth to faded, porous or lightened hair.

A large variety of mixes available

NIKA Liquid Pigments can be mixed together, added to color, as well as to hair care, styling products and a premium straightener to obtain the desired result every time and in particular:

  1. Liquid Pigments + Conditioner / Mask

    ideal combination if you have the goal of offering hair the most suitable Nika treatment and at the same time reviving its color.

  2. Liquid Pigments + Mousse / Gel

    allows to enhance the color even during the moment of styling. The mixture obtained can be used as a pre-styling or as a finishing.

  3. Liquid Pigments + Reflection

    By adding Liquid Pigments to the permanent Reflection coloring, the intensity and nuances of the nuances can be modulated.

  4. Liquid Pigments + Nika Premium Straightener

    this blend allows you to enhance a sublime smoothness given by NIKA’s Premium treatment with a bright and shiny color.

  5. Liquid Pigments + Water

    perfect combination to apply before the color service to repigment treated, bleached or faded hair, for a longer lasting color and vibrant reflections.

As always we advise you to buy only from official and authorized dealers we recommend CLICHAIR.CH click here to go directly to the NIKA Liquid Pigments page.

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