Capillary oxygen therapy, what it is and what benefits


This technology was discovered in Australia over the past decade and marketed in the United States with the aim of improving the health condition and, consequently, the appearance of the skin.

It is suitable not only for the skin of the face and body, but also for the hair and scalp.

It is known thanks to many famous people who use it in the fight against aging as well as to treat or prevent hair and scalp diseases.

Oxygen therapy for the hair is a treatment that aims to improve the health of the scalp, in particular, it is bombarded with oxygen at a good degree of purity and at a high pressure. This improves circulation and cell renewal while also nourishing and hydrating the hair.

Over time, the hair appears dull, brittle, fragile, conditions also due to the continuous and prolonged use of heat sources such as straighteners, hairdryers as well as chemical treatments and dyes.

There are various types of specific treatments that take advantage of oxygen therapy, below we list the main three:

ossigeno terapia per capelli sfibrati, privi di nutrimento .

1 For brittle and nourishing hair, which regains volume and shine after treatment.

Treatment that works by making full use of pure oxygen to give the hair absolute brightness and vitality, restoring the previously damaged structure to restore volume, elasticity and shine.

In addition to looking sad and unhealthy, dry, brittle hair can increase the risk of dandruff and hair loss. It is for this reason that we must act as soon as possible and find the best remedies for dry and brittle hair.

High temperatures, UV rays, dyes and chemicals of various kinds are bad for the hair by damaging the cuticle, ie the outermost layer. The damage is reflected in symptoms such as hair that appears brittle, dull, thinned and more dehydrated.

This is a new treatment that boasts a world-renowned success for its revolutionary 99.5% pure oxygen technique.

This treatment restores the natural shine to the hair, restores the correct cell exchange and prevents dandruff, seborrhea and even more importantly hair loss.

ossigenoteriapia per il cuoio capelluto

2 Aims to improve the condition of the scalp in the case of dandruff and seborrhea.

Treatment for dandruff and seborrhea, of which it counteracts the main effects: it reduces and in some cases eliminates greasy dandruff and the production of sebum, re-oxygenating the hair which immediately appears free from any impurities;

Eliminates dead cells from the scalp, eliminates excess sebum that often characterizes it and resolves some types of inflammation from which the scalp can be afflicted especially in the case of oily hair.

In particular, the elimination of excess sebum can be a solution when we have problems with brittle hair or hair that tends to fall out: in fact, excess sebum stifles the regrowth of hair, which is increasingly weaker.

By eliminating excess sebum and the skin irritation that often accompanies it, a lot can be done for hair health and to help regrowth and remove or prevent dandruff and seborrhea

Un'altra finalità di questa tecnica è combattere la caduta dei capelli e favorire il rinfoltimento. Per questo può essere sfruttata anche dagli uomini che spesso si trovano ad avere a che fare con problemi di alopecia.

3 Combats hair loss and promote thickening. For this reason it can also be exploited by men who often have to deal with alopecia problems.

Hair treatment with alopecia, baldness and hair loss: the stimulation of the scalp through its bombardment with oxygen, allows to obtain very good results in the treatment of baldness, in blocking hair loss and in thickening the scalp affected by alopecia .

Oxygen therapy against hair loss, baldness and alopecia works by stimulating the micro-circulation of the scalp and hair follicles, thanks to the “bombardment” of 99.5% pure oxygen, and this promotes not only growth of the hair but also the thickening.

In fact, it has been shown that the lack of oxygen in the skin leads to a decrease in cellular metabolism, which is the root cause of aging and weakening of the hair.

Through hair oxygen therapy, therefore, it is possible to counteract the effects of alopecia, baldness, stop hair loss caused by stress, a drastic diet, hormonal or seasonal factors, deeply nourish the scalp and greatly improve the hair thickening, stimulating the growth of healthy hair.

Unfortunately, only a few specific hair care centers and even fewer hairdressing salons know and adopt this technique, despite the renowned and established effectiveness, perhaps hampered by the cost of purchasing the instrument that produces pure oxygen (99.5%) and by the costs for compulsory training to be authorized for use.

Stile Creativo Coiffure is a prestigious hairdressing salon, in Lausanne, Switzerland, which offers its customers this service having trained in Italy at a prestigious manufacturer of specific products and machinery for hair care.

Click here for info on the hairdressing salon. If you know of other certified hairdressing salons that offer capillary oxygen therapy, you can report it in the comments below.

The benefits and contraindications of hair oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy for hair has no contraindications, revealing itself to be a source of exclusive benefits given by the natural element essential to life itself: oxygen. If this is lacking, it is our organism that pays the greatest expense, facing serious problems as well as a premature and inexorable cellular aging.

Through oxygen therapy, the hair acquires new vitality. Luminous, it is soft to the touch and considerably more robust and thicker. The hair is voluminous, light, free from any impurities and finally reinforced.

Undergoing periodic sessions of oxygen treatment completely reduces the fall as well as the propensity of the hair to break easily.

The skin appears firmed, reinvigorated and this translates into a general improvement in the health of the hair itself, nourished abundantly by oxygen.

Oxygen that is good for the hair: for or against?

It is nature that gives us the solutions we need. More and more products and methods make use of natural elements to ensure effectiveness and respect for our health. Hair oxygen therapy is not an inexpensive method, but it is absolutely effective and guarantees completely beneficial results for our health, saving us time, money and energy in other remedies that could further compromise the fragile balance.

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