Why buy hair products online and where.


The online sale of hair products especially for professionals is increasing more and more. During the pandemic, even those who were skeptical began to buy online and to appreciate the ease as well as the convenience of this alternative.

Buying online offers significant benefits, even very important ones that are often not recognized.

The first advantage is that all information is written. It seems trivial, but having in writing the purpose of a particular product, the application technique, or other information that is usually explained to us verbally, perhaps in a hurry or that we simply forget or remember incorrectly is perhaps the most important reason.

The second advantage is in the price, a physical store has very limited competition which is summarized in the number of competitors in a specific and limited territory and in this way the price of a physical store aligns with that of its closest competitor.
Instead an online store has to deal with a very high number of online competitors who try in every way to sell their product, mainly by attracting customers through the price, discounts or promotions, so an online store is much more active and attentive to the prices of the market. to offer the best price in reference to the product and service offered.
This means that an online customer tends to spend less than a traditional customer.

The third advantage is the after sales service. A traditional shop does not care too much about customer satisfaction, it certainly has to satisfy customers if it wants to survive, but if a certain problem arises and does not want or cannot find a solution that satisfies the customer and his budget, the news remains quite limited. without other customers being aware of what happened and thus risking losing further sales.
Instead, an online store must be very careful to offer products that keep their promises, that always offers excellent service even after the sale, both because it is civically correct but also for fear that the customer can insert negative reviews that would certainly affect the business.

How to recognize a serious and reliable online store?

We must admit that it is not easy and that even well-maintained sites can hide disastrous conditions of sale and after-sales services, without a doubt the first thing to note is the organic positioning on search engines.
By organic positioning, we mean a result present in a list of results that are not in the paid ads section.

A second clue can be found from the reviews, both of the site and of the individual products. Reviews are the opinions of other customers who have purchased on that particular site or product.

As always, in addition to writing articles we also provide solutions in order to increase the usefulness of our articles and therefore we recommend what is in our opinion a site for professional hair products, serious and reliable, CLICHAIR.CH

They are based in Switzerland but sell in many countries outside their national territory.

Shipping costs are free for Switzerland and may seem expensive for foreign countries, but we note that CLICHAIR.CH always offers free shipping starting from a certain order amount, which varies according to the shipping country and that can be viewed in the appropriate bar at the top that informs you of the amount needed and the missing amount to take advantage of free shipping.

The products on clichair.ch are products of excellence, have a high price range, but offer a quality that keeps its promises. In addition, hairdressers can buy product kits at discounted prices, deliveries are made via DHL Express which guarantees fast shipping (on average, the package is delivered in a maximum of two days).

Technical support is only via email, but this is because the product pages contain all the information for the use of the products.
In addition, their motto is: just an email, that is, if there should be a problem, it is solved very quickly.

They are official and exclusive partners of the brands they deal with and this offers a guarantee of long-term support and product availability.

Constantly updated, they make important agreements with important hairdressing salons and publishing sites 😉

If you want to try the excellent service and above all the excellent products of CLICHAIR.CH you can take advantage of a 10% discount by entering the coupon code HAIRSWISS before payment.

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