straight hair for months without damaging them thanks to keratin, but be careful, they are not all the same.


Keratin treatment is an anti-frizz and smoothing procedure that makes the hair softer, shinier and silky.

Although the results are immediately visible and maintained for a few months, the treatment can hurt your health due to the presence of formaldehyde contained in the product.

In Europe there is a regulation that regulates the maximum value of formaldehyde that can be present in keratin smoothing products. This guarantees the customers, but the hairdressers remain the main “victims”, in fact, even if contained in small doses, formaldehyde remains a danger for professionals who have to perform the service more or less frequently.

That’s why we decided to look for, buy and above all test different products in order to find the one that guarantees the result but also guarantees the protection of the health of the hairdressers, and we found it.

From the Fairy Silk line by NIKA here is MAXIMUM, the innovative 100% keratin smoothing system without formaldehyde that puts in place an innovative formula that perfectly binds to the keratin strands present in our hair.

But before we talk about MAXIMUM, we would like to investigate two aspects of the topic, what hydrolyzation is and what formaldehyde is and how to know if it is present or not in the products.

Hydrolyzed keratin, what does it mean?

Almost all keratin smoothing products use keratin called hydrolyzate. It means that the keratin protein has been chemically broken down into elementary units, in order to make it as compatible as possible with the hair structure, in fact keratin is made up of long fibrous chains of sulfur amino acids and hydrolysing it binds quite well with keratin hair strengthening and protecting them from the external environment.

What is formaldehyde and why does it hurt?

Formaldehyde is an organic compound that belongs to the family of aldehydes often used both in the food industry for food storage, household cleaning products and cosmetics. Formaldehyde is very dangerous so that the Federal Office of Public Health has repeatedly warned about its toxicity.

How to know if formaldehyde is present in a product?

Usually the acronym that identifies the presence of formaldehyde is E240 or preservative E240, we invite everyone to keep us updated on the discovery of any new abbreviations that refer to this substance, so that we can update this article for the common good.

The percentage allowed varies from country to country but on average is 0.2% and it is mandatory for the producer to insert the words “Warning contains formaldehyde”

What makes MAXIMUM a leader in the hair straightening industry?

AMINO BOND COMPLEX, a unique formula of amino acids and hydrolyzed keratin makes it perfectly compatible with the structure of the hair, able to give not only a sublime smooth but also an extraordinary anti-frizz effect.

Here are the three secrets of MAXIMUM:

  • SMOOTHING AGENTS: mixture of amino acids
  • RESTRUCTURING AGENTS: vitamin A, hydrolyzed keratin, panthenol
  • CONDITIONING AGENTS: propolis, glycerin, argan oil, jojoba oil and babassu oil.

MAXIMUM in the Salon:

The real innovation of MAXIMUM is its application: in fact, with just one product and one application technique it is possible to create 4 different smooth and anti-frizz treatments, mainly changing the shutter speed:

  • 40 minutes for the NIKA Straightening Therapy, a service of excellence for a smooth sublime silk effect and without frizz for over 3 months.
  • from 30 min the NIKA Frizz Free Therapy, a service that eliminates frizz, maintains the natural movement of the hair, increasing its manageability by 100%
  • 20 minutes for the NIKA Curly Therapy exclusive service for clients with curly hair who are looking for a full-bodied and vaporous curl but without frizz
  • 10 minutes for the NIKA Volume Out Therapy treatment, an innovative service that allows hair to be reduced by over 80%.

After each treatment the hair appears smooth, luminous, without frizz and easy to manage for over 3 months.

MAXIMUM Home Care:

The effectiveness of salon treatment can be maintained and enhanced with a home maintenance program. For this reason, the Fairy Silk line includes not only the professional treatment to be performed at the Salone but also the complete line of Home Care products, free of allergens, parabens, sls, sles, specially formulated to have straight hair without frizz even at home.

Fairy Silk MAXIMUM; to satisfy every woman’s desire for beauty, to bring the hair of every customer to the sublime ordinary!

We are at your disposal for further information.

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