Open the hair cuticles, with a specific product, dream or reality?


Applying color is a very delicate process that must keep in mind some essential rules for coloring hair at its best, one of them being that color does not remove color. It is not possible to lighten a dark-dyed hair with a lighter dye.

We must go and lighten with a discoloration by doing a color cleansing.

Then it is necessary to re-add the hot pigments lost before further coloring the hair to promote uniform absorption.

Care treatments

Science has made enormous strides in hair care and reconstruction. One of the latest and most effective capillary reconstruction technologies is the Keroxyne Complex which guarantees visible effects even from the first treatment.

How to greatly increase the effect of treatments.

We study and test different types of products and above all the most innovative ones, looking for products that improve the quality of the work of hairdressers, but that also improve the final result to their customers by guaranteeing or safeguarding the health of the hair.

Introducing ONE WASH

One Wash is a NIKA Hair Beauty Excellence® brand product

Revolutionary pre-treatment shampoo that releases negative charge in the hair eliminating and neutralizing all the impurities and residues present at once. Thanks to its new and innovative formula enriched with anionic agents it is able to remove all the impurities from the hair with a single wash.

One Wash opens the capillary cuticles, here’s the novelty.

The use of a pre-treatment shampoo that opens the hair cuticles helps enormously in penetrating the pigments (for coloring) inside the hair, thus obtaining an excellent and long-lasting result, much more than one could hope for with treatments without the aid of this shampoo even if using high-end colors, and above all the help of this shampoo speeds up the coloring processes without risking to damage them.

It allows keratin to penetrate the hair, either to smooth or rebuild hair, rather than other healing products or substances for treatment or prevention.

One Wash is a real help for the hairdresser but above all for the health of the hair.


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