Hair without frizz for 8 days? Here is the solution.

There are those who want smooth and silky hair, those who are sensual and emotional, but we all agree on one point: we hate frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair is often a “gift of nature”, sometimes the result of aggressive treatments repeated over time.

The hair most prone to frizz is certainly curly hair and dry hair in general.

This depends on the fact that their need for hydration causes them to absorb all the moisture in the air, which causes the hair cuticle to dilate, causing frizz.

If you or your customers want to enjoy the luxury of a salon fold every day, the answer is NIKA EXTENDER.

This is the first non-rinsing anti-frizz treatment which, thanks to the exclusive Amino Bond Complex, preserves the fold for eight days, eliminating frizz and increasing gloss by 70%, waterproofing hair from moisture.

Ideal for medium-length hair looking for a smooth and long-lasting appearance, but also for those who want to give body to thin and not very bulky hair.

In a single product innumerable advantages:

  • eliminates frizz
  • memorize the fold
  • protects hair from moisture
  • increases untangling
  • increases shine
  • protects hair from heat
  • protects hair color

How to use?

Apply after shampooing – without rinsing – then proceed to the desired fold to shape it with a hair dryer or a plate.

Ready for a salon fold every day ???

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