The environment is a comfort for customers.


The corporate image: your furniture, your style, your being.

Consumer attitudes and behaviors related to salon visits are evolving. Customers are increasingly demanding and are looking for quality and competence at the right price. Not only do they evaluate the cutting capabilities or services offered, but they also pay attention to the level of comfort and “pleasantness” that the salon suggests.

For this reason, when designing a hairdressing salon, nothing can be left to chance: maximum attention must also be paid to the reception, positioning of the retail area and above all to the colors chosen for the walls and the materials used.

The choice of furniture is therefore fundamental for the success of a hairdressing salon, but be careful, you need to know exactly what message you want to send, and to do this you need to rely on experts.

Relying on technicians and designers does not always mean spending more, but first you need to have a clear idea of ​​the goal you want to achieve. We summarize below some key points that are necessary before contacting an interior designer:

  1. The target (your typical clientele)
  2. The primary colors
  3. Your logo

Another crucial point is; who to call? On the internet, countless furnishing companies offer more or less professional services, so how do you decide who to call? How to save time without running after technical visits and estimates? How to know if the final result will respect the project or if it will meet your expectations?

We have thought about this, first of all by choosing among leading companies specifically in the hairdressing sector, in fact, after several appointments and analyzes, we had the honor and pleasure of becoming the official partner for Switzerland of “” which has as a study associated the caspar design.

Young designers, visionaries, have a rich customer portfolio spread across Europe, excellent results and customer satisfaction, their modus operandi, particularly specialized in hair salon furnishings, offer tailor-made and customized solutions as well as modular .

Finally, the economic aspect is undoubtedly what everyone fears. The lack of information is sometimes the main cause of investments that greatly affect the budget, so we have tried to clarify and simplify the economic aspect with our partner in order to propose simple, clear and economic solutions.

Did you know that it is possible to completely renovate your salon, without down payment, and allowing you to activate a lease?

This allows you to renew your salon without major problems and to declare it in federal taxes in order to obtain tax rebates.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us through your trusted ÜHC consultant or by email to

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