Coiffure Suisse: the Swiss association that supports hairdressers.


Coiffure Suisse is the Swiss association that represents and supports the hairdressers of the country. Founded in 1929, the association now has over 3,000 members throughout Switzerland, divided into 27 sections.

The mission of Coiffure Suisse is to create the best framework conditions for hairdressing salon owners, represent the interests of hairdressers to authorities and the public, create the best conditions for training, fight against undeclared work, and work towards a good collective labor agreement.

Being a member of Coiffure Suisse comes with numerous advantages. Firstly, it is possible to save money through interesting financial benefits such as insurance premiums significantly lower than market price and many other facilities. Additionally, members can allocate their time to clients thanks to many low-cost subsidies such as online tools to schedule appointments, time registration tools, and much more.

Coiffure Suisse also offers support to its members through multilingual assistance over the phone and email. On a political level, the association is committed to favorable framework conditions for the industry and through advertising promotes the professional image profile. Thanks to updated information on the industry reported in the Journal Coiffure Suisse and the association’s newsletter, members are always perfectly informed.

Moreover, members of Coiffure Suisse can benefit from special prices for training courses, facilities such as fuel supplies and hotel accommodation, as well as tools for time registration, salary calculation, and other tools that should make the daily life of hairdressers easier.

Being a member of Coiffure Suisse also means strengthening the hairdressing industry and actively contributing to the development of the profession. Additionally, the association offers numerous events that allow members to meet colleagues, exchange opinions, and learn how to develop their business and themselves.

Being a member of Coiffure Suisse also means having access to many exclusive offers, including discounts on fuel, hotel stays, and much more. Additionally, the association offers members the opportunity to post job and apprenticeship listings on its website, making it easier to find qualified personnel and apprentices.

Another advantage of being a member of Coiffure Suisse is the ability to save time with useful and innovative tools, such as the online appointment booking tool. This tool allows clients to conveniently book appointments online, 24/7, reducing the administrative burden on hairdressers.

Finally, Coiffure Suisse provides constant support to its members through a multilingual assistance service and a team of competent collaborators who deal with all issues related to the hairdressing industry. Additionally, the association is committed to obtaining favorable framework conditions for the sector and promoting a positive image of the hairdressing profession.

In conclusion, being a member of Coiffure Suisse offers many advantages, including saving money, saving time, obtaining support, and staying informed about the latest industry news. Furthermore, affiliating with the association means actively contributing to the development of the hairdressing profession and strengthening the hairdressing sector in Switzerland.