How to fight dandruff

In most cases, dandruff involves a series of symptoms such as itching, dryness, redness and irritation, as well as the classic skin exfoliation.

VIBRANT COLOR AND ECOVEXX … perfect combination.

These two exceptional products, if used together, are able to offer amazing results, soft and silky calves, shine, impermeability, care and restructuring of the hair as well as significantly increase the duration of the coloring treatment.

The hydrolyzed wheat proteins

The hydrolyzed wheat proteins are natural derivatives of wheat grains and form a unique moisturizing complex, able to penetrate deep into the skin structures offering the right water balance to the skin and giving a silky and elastic touch.

Guaranà the new antidote for dry hair.

The unique characteristics of guarana extracts, including caffeine, stimulate growth, refresh and reinvigorate hair follicles. The merit of these properties is twofold: on the one hand it is due to the presence of two bioactive molecules, the tannins and the catechins, on the other the high percentages of caffeine.

Anti-yellow shampoo, save blondes and more.

Changing hair color or reinvigorating one’s own is a choice of beauty and a reflection of a desire for change. And although a session at the hairdresser is enough to upset your look, it takes consistency and the right precautions to keep the result alive. The sun, the chlorine or the incorrect use of hair…

Botox or hair hydration; What is this ?

The hair on the head loses fullness and elasticity with aging, just like your skin. The new hair products come as Botox for the hair because they should help fill the hair, make it smooth and reduce frizz.

Capillary oxygen therapy, what it is and what benefits

Oxygen therapy for the hair is a treatment that aims to improve the health of the scalp, in particular, it is bombarded with oxygen at a good degree of purity and at a high pressure. This improves circulation and cell renewal while also nourishing and hydrating the hair.

Everything you need to know about hand sanitizing gels

The emergency of Covid-19 has made disinfectant gels indispensable. But what exactly do these gels do? What do they contain? How long does their effectiveness last from the time of application? Do they really protect us? HAND DISINFECTANTS: WHAT DO THEY CONTAIN? Most gel disinfectants are based on alcohol or nitrogen derivatives, and contain perfume…

How to hydrate dry hair

There are several products on the market that promise to do what we need, but how can we find the right product without spending a fortune before finding it? Here, we can give you a hand, we tried and tested different products of different and prestigious brands, but in the end we chose one for you. Thanks to time and your loving care, your hair will return healthy, strong and shiny.

Coronavirus emergency in the Coiffure sector

#CORONAVOUCHER is a purchase voucher that a customer purchases directly from his hairdresser and has the purpose of providing immediate financial availability to hairdressers, currently seriously affected economically following the coronavirus emergency that forced them to close their businesses. The purchase of this voucher will allow the hairdresser to cover management costs and lost earnings pending state intervention and post-emergency reopening.

Cut: the Bob and its latest variants.

The fashion of the year wants short hair, that’s why, from the fashion shows to the hairdressing salons, the Bob has been re-proposed, but with some news: let’s discover it together.