Guaranà the new antidote for dry hair.

The unique characteristics of guarana extracts, including caffeine, stimulate growth, refresh and reinvigorate hair follicles. The merit of these properties is twofold: on the one hand it is due to the presence of two bioactive molecules, the tannins and the catechins, on the other the high percentages of caffeine.

Anti-yellow shampoo, save blondes and more.

Changing hair color or reinvigorating one’s own is a choice of beauty and a reflection of a desire for change. And although a session at the hairdresser is enough to upset your look, it takes consistency and the right precautions to keep the result alive. The sun, the chlorine or the incorrect use of hair…

Extend the color life by restoring the pH

Healthy hair has a compact, smooth and therefore shiny cuticle, and this guarantees a good level of resistance and elasticity, in addition they have a uniform level of porosity and therefore represent the ideal basis for chemical treatments.

Botox Capillare, what is it?

The hair on the head loses fullness and elasticity with aging, just like your skin. The new hair products come as Botox for the hair because they should help fill the hair, make it smooth and reduce frizz.