The Blonde Hair Revolution: Discover the Power of Blue-Violet Pigments


At the heart of cliCHair’s CODE ZERO line, dedicated to the care of blonde, gray and bleached hair, is a key game-changing ingredient: blue-violet pigments. These are not just simple colorants, but powerful allies in the fight against unwanted yellow tones, offering an effective solution for maintaining a fresh and vibrant blonde.

What are Blue-Violet Pigments?

Blue-violet pigments are chemical compounds used to neutralize yellow tones in hair. This is because, on the color wheel, blue and violet are located directly opposite yellow, thus allowing visually canceling out unwanted tones.

What are they used for?

These pigments are essential for maintaining bright blonde hair, eliminating yellow highlights that can appear due to factors such as sun exposure, use of heat styling tools, or simply the passage of time.

What Types of Products are they used in?

Blue-violet pigments are mainly found in specific shampoos and masks for blonde, gray and bleached hair, such as CODE ZERO’s Anti-Yellow Shampoo and Anti-Yellow Mask.

Safety for Health and the Environment

These pigments are considered safe for cosmetic use, with studies attesting to their efficacy and tolerability. In addition, it is important to choose products that respect high safety and sustainability standards, such as those offered by cliCHair.