Keratin: The Secret to Healthy and Shiny Hair


Keratin, a fibrous protein that is the main component of hair, nails, and skin, has become a keyword in the world of beauty and hairdressing. This protein is essential for the health and structural integrity of hair, offering a solution for repairing, protecting, and strengthening damaged hair.

What It Is: Keratin is a natural protein that helps keep hair strong and elastic, preventing damage and breakage.

What It Does: It primarily serves to rebuild damaged areas of hair, filling in gaps in the hair cuticle for a smoother, stronger, and healthier appearance.

Where It Is Used: Keratin is found in a variety of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, masks, and professional treatments like Hair Botox.

Health Safety: Generally considered safe for most people when used externally on hair. However, it’s important to follow the instructions and recommendations of professionals when undergoing intensive keratin treatments.

Environmental Safety: Keratin, being a natural substance, is biodegradable. However, the production process and added chemicals in commercial treatments can have an environmental impact.

Additional: Keratin can also improve hair manageability, reducing the time needed for styling and protecting against thermal damage.