The evolution of ammonia-free coloring thanks to the “Micro Pure Pigments” technology

Would you like to know the latest revolutionary novelty in hair dyeing?

Let’s start by explaining what ammonia is and why it is used.

Ammonia is a substance already present in nature, which is used in traditional hair dyes, thanks to its properties.

In fact, ammonia, being a volatile substance with an acrid odor, is used in dyes to create an effect of neutralizing the color and to open the scales of the hair. In this way, the color pigment can penetrate deep into the hair and make the color take hold permanently or semi-permanently on the hair fiber.

The ammonia-based hair dyes are therefore designed so that a drastic and immediate change in color can occur, from dark to light or vice versa, or to completely cover white hair.

The last generation ammonia dyes, however, are enriched with natural nourishing and antioxidant ingredients that help partly to counteract the negative effect of this aggressive element.

GRACE, the new coloring for natural hair and without ammonia.

GRACE, la nouvelle coloration pour cheveux naturels et sans ammoniaque.

This is a new color range of NIKA Hair Beauty Excellence®, without ammonia. GRACE is in fact based on the new Micro Pure Pigments (MPP) technology.

The innovative permanent professional coloring system, the result of research by NIKA laboratories, is totally free of ammonia, PPD and resorcinol.

GRACE that guarantees extremely high performance with exceptional conditioning power, giving up substances such as ammonia, PPD and resorcinol in favor of natural ingredients such as Avocado oil, Blueberry extract and Pecan nut protein.


GRACE is made with the advanced Micro Pure Pigments (MPP) technology, the result of Nika Hair Beauty Excellence research, which starting from selected pigments at the highest degree of purity (99.5%), subjects them to molecular reduction obtaining very pure micro-pigments that penetrate with exceptional ease in the hair fibers where they exert their beneficial effects to the fullest. The hair thus maintains its transparency and the light, reflecting from the inside to the outside, penetrates both the light and dark tones, in any light condition, giving a look that is always bright and long-lasting.

With the GRACE coloring cream our laboratories have achieved two important goals, that of eliminating ammonia, for the benefit of hair and skin, and at the same time integrating the benefits of natural ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Blueberry extracts and proteins of Pecan nuts, which help to obtain beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, together with a protected skin

Eduard Nika, founder and CEO by NIKA Hair Beauty Excellence®

NIKA Grace: 4 color services for maximum flexibility

  • PERMANENT COLOR: It is the most classic of color services and the most requested in every salon. With GRACE any customer has the guarantee of high impact results, uniform and permanent, with optimal coverage of white hair.
  • TONALIZATION: GRACE nuances lend themselves perfectly to giving each desired shade to colored or lightened hair, especially with streaks, highlights or lightening achieved with other techniques.
  • PREPIGMENTATION & REPIGMENTATION: Two highly technical services that GRACE allows to carry out in complete safety. Pre-pigmentation prepares the hair for greater absorption of the pigment, giving each woman a uniform color. The repigmentation of GRACE allows you to color with excellent results even heavily bleached, super-bleached or permanently treated or straightened hair.
  • SUPER LIGHTENERS: In the GRACE line there are also the Super-lighteners in three shades. Each can be used with the Activator 30 and 40 volumes, depending on the desired result.

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