How to properly apply hairspray


Hairspray is a product that cannot be missing from every woman’s beauty case: it is used to fix the hairstyle, to give volume or to sculpt the hair, so that it remains perfectly combed for a long time. Perhaps not everyone, however, its use is clear. So let’s find out how to use hairspray correctly, so as to make it the best helper for your styling and always have hair in order.

First of all, be careful not to confuse hairspray and setting spray! Sure, both have a fixing function, but their use is different. “The hairspray is very fine, like a mist. Leaves a very light residue. Instead, the spray is a liquid which, when vaporized, turns into small drops, with a slightly wet effect». The fixing spray is used to fix a movement, as once applied it allows you to shape the hair until you get the desired shape! The lacquer, on the other hand, is used for the finish. You can vaporize it up close for a localized action or from afar to fix the whole hairstyle.

How to get more volume

Do you want to give more volume to your hair? Simple, just apply the hairspray upside down, then lift your head and apply the hairspray also from the roots, then arranging the strands with your fingers to shape them as you like. If you want to volumize your bob, also ensuring greater hold on the hair, lift your hair and spray the hairspray from top to bottom and let your hair fall back naturally.

Do you want to give more volume to your hair? Simple, just apply the hairspray upside down.

How to increase the life of your hairstyle

If your intent is to sculpt the hairstyle and prolong its life, then start by spraying hairspray on damp hair, before drying it. Then continue to apply it during the phase of creating the hairstyle. If you just want to make the hairstyle last longer, however, even without sculpting it, then wash your hair, dry it and spray the hair with hairspray before proceeding with the use of a brush and hairdryer: the heat will take care of fixing the hairstyle . To get smoother hair, just spray it only on the lengths.

A mistake to avoid using hairspray

One of the most common mistakes women make when using hair straighteners and hairspray is to spray and apply hairspray before even using the straightener on them. In doing so, not only do you risk damaging and burning your hair, but also making it untameable.

Generally hairspray contains alcohol, which makes it easier to burn the outer state of the hair. This means that when you pass the straightener over an area to which hairspray has been applied, a curl effect is imposed on the hair.

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