The winning duo for perfect hair: Vibrant Color and Ecovexx.

These two exceptional products, if used together, are able to offer amazing results, soft and silky calves, shine, impermeability, care and restructuring of the hair as well as significantly increase the duration of the coloring treatment.

Dimethicone on the hair.

Dimethicone is a chemical substance derived from the family of silicones that has various uses in cosmetics, but is also used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products.

Extend the color life by restoring the pH

Healthy hair has a compact, smooth and therefore shiny cuticle, and this guarantees a good level of resistance and elasticity, in addition they have a uniform level of porosity and therefore represent the ideal basis for chemical treatments.

Hair perfume: not just perfume.

Hair is an important part of a woman’s sensuality and making sure that it emanates a perfume is essential for the charm of a woman or a man. Furthermore, perfuming the hair is an excellent remedy to hide the odors that the hair absorbs such as food, smoke or smog. But be careful to use only specific hair products.

How to fight dandruff

In most cases, dandruff involves a series of symptoms such as itching, dryness, redness and irritation, as well as the classic skin exfoliation.

The hydrolyzed wheat proteins

The hydrolyzed wheat proteins are natural derivatives of wheat grains and form a unique moisturizing complex, able to penetrate deep into the skin structures offering the right water balance to the skin and giving a silky and elastic touch.

Guaranà the new antidote for dry hair.

The unique characteristics of guarana extracts, including caffeine, stimulate growth, refresh and reinvigorate hair follicles. The merit of these properties is twofold: on the one hand it is due to the presence of two bioactive molecules, the tannins and the catechins, on the other the high percentages of caffeine.

Anti-yellow shampoo, save blondes and more.

Anti-yellowing shampoos are becoming increasingly popular, not only among blonde women but also among brunette women who seek to avoid unwanted yellowish tones in their hair. But what are anti-yellowing shampoos and how do they work? Anti-yellowing shampoos contain violet or blue pigments that help neutralize the yellow tones in hair. These yellow tones can…

How to properly apply hairspray

How to properly apply hairspray

Hairspray is a product that cannot be missing in any woman’s beauty case: it is used to fix the hairstyle, to give volume or to sculpt the hair, so as to remain perfectly combed for a long time.

How to apply hair foam

Hair mousse is a product used to style hair to make it more voluminous and give it a shiny appearance.

It is lighter than gels and creams, an advantageous feature for various reasons: it does not weigh down the hair or mix it by sticking it.

The foam is perfect for men and women, especially if they have thin hair and want more volume.