how to increase the intensity of hair color and make it more durable


When using direct dyes, we work on the surface of the hair, spreading a layer of colored pigments.

These pigments, applied on the surface, change the existing color, but sometimes, depending on the type of hair, they do not have the strength to fix themselves to the typical structures of semi-permanent colors and dyes. The effect is the continuous mutation of color.

COLOR FIXX pH 5.5 is a shampoo specially designed to clean the hair and scalp after color treatments. 

Thanks to the amphoteric surfactants, it restores balance to the pH of the scalp and hair. It cleans the hair from all the post-treatment color residues in a uniform and deep way.

main ingredients:


  • Improves the tolerability of the scalp
  • Strong antimicrobial activity
  • Formula at pH 5.5 allows better bonding of color pigments to hair
  • Increases color life and does not interfere with color pigments.

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