Extend the color life by restoring the pH

The pH value is between 0 and 14 where 7 is considered neutral. Healthy hair has a pH between 4.5 and 5.5 but damaged hair has a value greater than 7.0.

Healthy hair has a compact, smooth and therefore shiny cuticle, and this guarantees a good level of resistance and elasticity, in addition they have a uniform level of porosity and therefore represent the ideal basis for chemical treatments.

Damaged hair has a raised cuticle and a dull surface, this tends to make the hair knot increasing the risk of breakage, moreover the hair is very porous which does not allow to guarantee a uniform treatment.

shampoo balancer ph 2.5 by code zero hair products

BALANCER pH 2.5 is a color balancer, he balances the pH values after the chemical treatment.

Its formula containing cetrimonium chloridedevelops a remarkable de-alkaline and detangling action, eliminates the alkaline residues present in the scalp and hair, thus restoring the physiological pH of the hair.

After the treatment the use of BALANCER pH 2.5 will make the hair
soft, bright and easy to handle, also increasing color life.

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