Echinacea on hair coloring: what benefits?


Echinacea is the common name of a group of herbaceous plants, Echinacea angustifolia, purpurea and pale.

Its origins are North American, and spread very widely throughout Mexico to Canada.

Echinacea: a soothing and elasticizing effect on the scalp

The extract has a marked anti-hyaluronidase and immunostimulating activity which gives the extract restorative, firming, regenerating and elasticizing properties. It accelerates the healing and re-epithelialization processes in the dermis and epidermis, thus also improving surface hydration.

It is also used in the preparation of products against seborrhea, brittleness and hair loss and to make them more shiny and elastic.

The purpose of this article, in addition to disclosing the fantastic effects of derivatives from this flower, is to inform readers that it is possible to find an echinacea-based hair color, the only manufacturer currently on the market that boasts this product is CODE ZERO hair interpreters ® and you can buy in Swiss francs in the official CLICHAIR.CH distributor based in Switzerland.

The CODE ZERO coloring range is called VIBRANT COLOR has a wide choice of colors (more than 100) and is proposed as a vegan color with one of the lowest ammonia levels on the market, which guarantees total coverage, shiny, soft hair and long service life.

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