Capillary Lamination: what it is and how it is done.


It is called hair lamination and it is a technique that has become very famous in the United States, which has also gone viral on social networks. Let’s try to understand how to laminate hair at the hairdresser.

This treatment promises shiny and shiny hair (+ 150%), full of reflections and visually more beautiful.

Much appreciated by stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, this treatment is exploding everywhere, it is no coincidence that the web is full of before and after of women who have chosen to laminate their hair by contacting their hairdresser and managing to improve the appearance of their hair. worn out and ruined.

Basically, the hair lamination is done just like that of the eyelashes. The hairdresser coats the hair with a mix of products that include oils and keratin, leaving this compound in place.

Lamination is finalized with heat, which seals the scales of the hair

As happens when you perform the keratin treatment, you proceed by drying your hair: thanks to the heat of the hairdryer, the scales of the hair are sealed perfectly, preserving the proteins that help repair damaged roots and stems. In this way, the hair is immediately more beautiful, shiny and healthy.

Hair lamination does not act on the hair structure like keratin treatment. What is created is a sort of external film, which gives the hair the mirror and glossy effect that we often see on the heads of stars!

Curly and frizzy hair also benefits greatly from lamination. We are always talking about an in-salon treatment, therefore professional and performed by highly qualified people.

Technical procedure (for hairdressers)

What is needed: 1 Bowl, 1 Brush, Nika Maximum (Keratin), Nika Shimmeserum of 7 highly prized oils), Nika Extender, Fine-toothed comb, Hair straightener, Nika Smoothing Shampoo;

  1. Prepare a compound consisting of 20 ML of Nika Maximum and 2 sprays of Nika Shimmer, mix well the two products which, based on their chemical composition, will react creating a new natural, nourishing product based on keratin and essential oils perfect for hair lamination.
  2. Wash your hair twice with Nika Fairy Silk Shampoo
  3. Divide the hair into sections and distribute the mixture created on the hair with a Brush on large locks (about 6 cm) starting from the nape to about 6 mm from the roots, lengths and ends.
  4. Leave on for 15 minutes
  5. Rinse quickly without removing all the product and Tampa dry , air drying and applying. Extender
  6. Pass the straightener on large locks (6 cm wide):
    1. 200°C: 2-4 steps for all hair types.

It is also possible immediately after having done the color or any other treatment.

Yes, it is possible to carry out only the lamination treatment.

The aforementioned technique has been tested and guarantees the result if you use the products mentioned, if you use other products the procedure will have to be adapted, as by changing the ingredients it will obviously be necessary to adapt the technique, processing time and finalization.

The final result will be immediately visible as your hair will be incredibly shiny (+ 150%), hydrated and with a healthy and strong appearance.

Curly or straight, fine or thick, the hair after lamination will never be the same.

All the products mentioned are available on the website where there is also a kit ready for capillary lamination which can be viewed by clicking HERE