Capillary Lamination: what it is and how it is done.


It’s called hair lamination and it’s a technique that has become very famous in the United States and has also gone viral on social media. Let’s find out how to get hair laminated at the hair salon.

This treatment promises shiny and glowing hair (+150%), full of reflections and visually beautiful.

Highly appreciated by stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, this treatment is exploding everywhere. It’s no wonder that the web is full of before and after photos of women who have chosen to get their hair laminated by their hairdresser and have been able to improve the appearance of damaged and stressed hair.

Basically, hair lamination is carried out just like eyelash lamination. The hairdresser covers the hair with a mixture of oils and keratin, leaving this compound to take effect.

Lamination is finalized with heat, which seals the hair cuticles.

As with the keratin treatment, the hair is dried using a hair dryer. Thanks to the heat of the dryer, the hair cuticles are perfectly sealed, preserving the proteins that help repair damaged roots and stems. In this way, the hair looks beautiful, shiny and healthy from the very beginning.

Hair lamination does not act on the hair structure like the keratin treatment. What is created is a sort of external film, which gives the hair the mirror effect and glossy appearance that we often see on the heads of stars!

Even curly and frizzy hair benefits greatly from lamination. We are always talking about a treatment in the salon, therefore professional and carried out by highly qualified people.