The hydrolyzed wheat proteins


The hydrolyzed wheat proteins are natural derivatives of wheat grains and form a unique moisturizing complex, able to penetrate deep into the skin structures offering the right water balance to the skin and giving a silky and elastic touch.

Moreover, as they contain amino acids very similar to those that naturally make up our hair, they are particularly used in hair products as they bring strength, volume and shine to the hair.

In fact they work as fillers and protective ones, forming a sort of barrier and restructuring the damaged hair.

They can also be used to mitigate the aggressiveness of washing products.

There are no risks for celiacs because the gluten molecule is too large to penetrate into the skin and get up to the stomach.

This important ingredient is present in ROOT BOOST anti-fall shampoo

Root Boost is specifically developed to prevent hair loss. It’s enriched with vitamins and amino acid complex to bring nutrients to the weakened hair follicle. Root Boost nourishes your hair and makes it strong and healthy.

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