Guaranà the new antidote for dry hair.


What is Guarana?

Guarana is a plant that grows along the banks of the Amazon river. It is famous for its countless beneficial properties, such as, it is a natural remedy against stress, helps lose weight and is a memory supplement. It is a supplement for sportsmen, an aphrodisiac, and these are just some of the main properties of this fantastic plant.

Guarana against dry hair

The unique characteristics of guarana extracts, including caffeine, stimulate growth, refresh and reinvigorate hair follicles. The merit of these properties is twofold: on the one hand it is due to the presence of two bioactive molecules, the tannins and the catechins, on the other the high percentages of caffeine.

Treating the hair with guarana, they will not lose their volume, and will therefore remain vigorous and completely refreshed. It is very recommended in cases of hair loss caused by stress.

This precious ingredient is present in BASIX the shampoo Code Zero hair products for daily use.

This precious ingredient is present in BASIX the shampoo Code Zero hair products for daily use.

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