Curly Hair: The Difference Between Natural and Artificial Curls


Curly hair is a natural beauty that many people aim to achieve through specific treatments and products. However, there is a significant difference between natural and artificial curls.

Natural curls are the result of a natural curvature of the hair follicles, making the hair more likely to become curly or wavy. This natural curvature is genetically determined, meaning that natural curls are present from birth.

On the other hand, artificial curls are created through special treatments and products, such as curlers, permanent waving, or curl-defining products. These treatments and products can help create and maintain curls, but can also damage the hair if not used correctly.

Moreover, natural and artificial curls require different care and products to maintain their health. Natural curls tend to be drier and more fragile than straight hair, which requires particular attention in the selection of products and treatments. Artificial curls may require a greater use of products to maintain the shape of the curls.

If you wish to achieve or maintain your curly hair, you can choose the right products for you through a wide selection of specific hair care products for curly hair. By choosing the right products, you can enjoy beautiful and healthy curls, whether they are natural or artificial.