Summer and holidays are beautiful and necessary for you but not for your hair.

Protecting your hair in summer is essential to prevent it from getting damaged and find yourself in September with brittle and dry hair.

Protecting your hair in the summer is even more important than throughout the year. Thanks to the sun and UV rays, salt, wind and very frequent washing, the hair weakens, becomes dull, loses elasticity and the color tends to fade or take on bad reflections.

Furthermore, by sweating more, sebum and sweat also tend to weigh down the hair, and the result is always dirty, dry, dull and poorly cared for hair.

What to do and not to do for your hair’s sake

Leave the hair straightener and folds with a brush and hairdryer.
Further excessive dry heat, weakens and for particularly sensitive or already not in good condition hair, it seriously damages them.

To order hair, use specific anti-frizz products, such as defrizzit di CODE ZERO or extender di NIKA not only do you avoid scalding your hair but you will achieve the result by treating and protecting them.

Strongly recommended, preferably to be applied in the evening as a last product is shimmer di NIKA which with a mixture of 7 essential oils allows you to nourish the hair and if you are in areas where humidity is due from the sea, your hair will be protected.

Washing hair often during the holidays is sometimes not negotiable, so use specific shampoos for your hair, for example:

The specific formulas of the three products and their active ingredients guarantee the result from the first use.

What to do if you already have damaged or fragile hair before leaving

In the cases (and they are very frequent) in which you are leaving on vacation and unfortunately you already have your hair thin, fragile, and you are afraid of damaging it further and then investing a capital at your hairdresser on your return, and you want immediate protection, you can use Miracle by NIKA.

Miracle is the first capillary reconstruction (awarded and recognized) spray and without rinsing. The result is immediate, but be careful, the hair will be immediately protected and repaired, but this miraculous product is designed for care and is not always suitable for styling, it depends on the type of hair.

After use the hair will be stronger, thicker and therefore harder, if you are not fully satisfied in the styling phase you can use hyalu di NIKA spray with hyaluronic acid that will give hydration shine and softness to your hair, also allowing you to have some easy to style hair.

How to protect your hair by obtaining a beautiful and long-lasting beach effect

Many people ask us for a beach effect, others send us links and personal photos of beautiful hairstyles with products that guarantee effect and hold, that waterproof the hair and that do not cost much, here is our opinion about it:

First of all, we thank you for your contribution to our community.

It is very important to be careful when talking about waterproofing, because if it is obtained through silicone-based products, in winter it may be not recommended but usable, but in summer it is harmful, the hair and scalp are affected by the presence.

Dimethicone may not do well depending on the dose and the ingredients associated with it.

A beach look is easy to achieve, it gives a natural effect to specially styled hair. Salt & Sand di CODE ZERO is a product without parabens, without artificial perfumes, dyes, and above all without silicones or derivatives, indeed it contains vitamin E.

Use this spray by starting to spray it by placing yourself upside down and then spraying it regularly, once the product is present on all hair, comb it with your hands without using accessories.

If you want a more pronounced wet effect, apply it in the same way on damp hair.

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Thanks for your attention, to the next article.

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