The winning duo for perfect hair: Vibrant Color and Ecovexx.


Vibrant Color and Ecovexx are two high-quality hair products that, when used together, can offer extraordinary results. Vibrant Color is a permanent vegetable hair color that, thanks to its natural components such as plant liposomes and wheat proteins, provides total and long-lasting coverage of the hair, nourishing and waterproofing it without the use of harmful chemicals. In addition, plant liposomes, being similar in structure to our hair, allow the pigments to penetrate deeply into the hair fiber, ensuring a uniform and long-lasting color over time.

Ecovexx, on the other hand, is an innovative hair care and prevention system. Thanks to the Code Zero technology, based on the combination of natural ingredients and synthetic molecules, Ecovexx repairs and strengthens hair, creating new keratin bonds that protect the hair structure. In particular, the use of Ecovexx helps prevent hair breakage, improves hair shine and softness, and protects against external aggressions such as thermal stress, pollution, and UV rays.

But why should a hairdresser use the two products together? The answer lies in the combined effect of their natural components and healing properties. By using Vibrant Color for hair coloring and then Ecovexx as a care and prevention treatment, hairdressers can guarantee their clients healthy, soft, silky hair with vibrant and long-lasting color. Moreover, thanks to the Code Zero technology of Ecovexx, treated hair becomes more resistant and protected against external aggressions, which means that the color remains intense and vivid for a longer period of time.

In summary, the combination of Vibrant Color and Ecovexx represents an innovative solution for hair coloring and care that not only provides exceptional results but also pays greater attention to hair health and environmental sustainability.