Shampoo for oily hair. How to choose, types and tips compared


Fat hair is one of the ugliest and most common aesthetic problems. Many unfortunately know the unpleasant vision of fat hair, which appear greasy and shiny.

Our skin normally produces a quantity of sebum that is useful for protecting the skin and scalp from attack by external agents. When this production becomes excessive, here is the problem.

Washing the hair often is the best solution to counteract the phenomenon and to remove excess sebum massaging the skin with shampoo, even better if in the morning because the sebaceous glands work mainly at night. Obviously you have to use a high quality shampoo (be wary of cheap products, they may not solve the problem and often create other problems in the long run) better if a specific shampoo.

Shift Oil is a professional sebum-balancing shampoo for oily hair.

Its formula is enriched with PCA zinc, an active component that acts on oily hair and on the skin, treating directly the cells of the sebaceous glands.

This results in a notable reduction of excess sebum on scalp and hair.

Shift oil fights greasy hair and scalp right at the source, by direct action on the oil producing cells of the sebaceous gland. It gently reduces the abundance of oil on hair and scalp in a responsible way.

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