Anti-yellow shampoo, save blondes and more.

Changing hair color or reinvigorating one’s own is a choice of beauty and a reflection of a desire for change. And although a session at the hairdresser is enough to upset your look, it takes consistency and the right precautions to keep the result alive.

The sun, the chlorine or the incorrect use of hair dryer and plates are among the main causes of the fading of the color of our hair, which slowly lose that bright and bright effect of the color just made to take on an opaque, dull look and more often than not characterized by yellow or orange undertones depending on the color of the hair.

It is possible to intervene. Thanks to specific products with correcting color action that boast formulations rich in pigments that give new life to color.

Anti-theft treatments: what are they and how do they work?

The anti-sun treatments are specially formulated to counteract these annoying and unsightly shades yellowish. Our treatment NO GLOW YELLOW, for example, composed of shampoo and mask, is characterized by special ingredients, and is able to neutralize the yellowish shades of white hair, bleached, lightened and with streaks, ideal for protecting hair and preserving color.

No Glow Yellow is designed for eliminating yellow tones. It restores the natural color of gray hair and revives its splendor by making it soft and brilliant. For more intense anti- yellow effect, leave on hair for 2 to 3 minutes then rinse well.
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