Hair perfume: not just perfume.


Hair is an important part of femininity and masculinity, and ensuring that they emit a fragrance is crucial for their charm. Perfuming hair is also an excellent way to hide odors that accumulate in hair, such as from food, smoke, or smog. However, it is important to use only products that are specifically formulated for hair.

In this article, we tested Oublier les Temp, the new hair perfume from Code Zero Hair Interpreters®.

In addition to the scent of bergamot, orange, and citrus fruits, its formula makes hair softer and shinier, reduces static electricity, and tames frizz.

Hair perfumes contain less alcohol than regular perfumes and also have an appropriate proportion of essential oils and nourishing ingredients, in order not to weigh down the hair but rather to absorb the product from the hair fiber, obtaining a long-lasting and pleasant scented effect. Thanks to hair fragrances, hair tends to dry out less and be more disciplined throughout the day.

Why not use your regular perfume for hair? Regular perfumes are not formulated for hair and are much more aggressive. Their formula does not take into account the scalp or hair and therefore aims to achieve the goal without worrying about areas that have not been designed for it. Using a regular perfume on hair can dry it out, increase frizz, and damage the shine and hair itself.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used scented oils and ointments to care for and perfume their hair, a sign of good personal hygiene and also wealth (oils were very expensive!).

Today, having scented hair can be a pleasant detail for both us and others, a sign of discreet self-care and a touch of refinement.

Why choose hair perfume? Many people have difficulty wearing perfumes without getting a headache. Choosing a hair perfume could solve the problem. Hair fragrances have a lower alcohol concentration and are often applied to the hair in a less targeted manner, resulting in a delicate yet present effect that can certainly be worn by even the most sensitive individuals.

A hair perfume can be a discreet style touch that completes your look, covers unpleasant odors, is an original gift idea, and can be a versatile travel companion.