Hair perfume: not just perfume.


Hair is an important part of a woman’s sensuality and making sure that it emanates a perfume is essential for the charm of a woman or a man. Furthermore, perfuming the hair is an excellent remedy to hide the odors that the hair absorbs such as food, smoke or smog. But be careful to use only specific hair products.

In this article we tested Oublier les Temp the new hair perfume produced by Code Zero Hair Interpreters® and available on the website

In addition to perfuming the hair with a delicate fragrance of bergamot, orange and citrus, its formula makes the hair softer and shinier, reduces static electricity and reduces frizz.

Hair perfumes contain, in fact, less alcohol than a normal fragrance and also an adequate proportion of essential oils and nourishing ingredients, so as not to weigh down the hair, but to adhere and absorb the product from the hair fiber, obtaining a lasting and scented effect. enjoyable.

Furthermore, thanks to hair fragrances, the hair will tend to dry out less and be more disciplined during the day.

Why not use your usual perfume for your hair.

Ordinary perfumes not being formulated for the hair are much more aggressive, their purpose is to stick to the surface on which they rest and to stay there as long as possible.

Their formula therefore does not take into account the scalp or hair and therefore aim to reach the goal without worrying about areas to which they have not been designed.

Using an ordinary perfume on your hair can dry it out, increasing frizz and damaging the shine and the hair itself.

A new ancient trend

The ancient Egyptians, but also Greeks and Romans, used perfumed oils and ointments to nourish and perfume their hair, a sign of good personal hygiene, as well as wealth (oils cost a lot!).

Even today, having perfumed hair can be a pleasant detail both for us and for those around us, a sign of discreet self-care and also a touch of refinement.

Why choose hair perfume?

You can’t wear normal fragrances. There are many people who struggle to wear perfumes without getting a headache, choosing a hair perfume could solve the problem. Hair fragrances have a lower alcoholic concentration, moreover, being often nebulized on the hair in a less targeted way, they tend to return a more delicate effect, even if present, which is certainly more wearable even by those who are more sensitive.

Cover bad smells. Although it may not sound very good, this is one of the most “smart” functions of the hair perfume: it can be your ally to refresh your hair after a workout or in the days between a wash and the ‘other. This trick is particularly ideal for those who often find themselves working in environments with strong odors (eg kitchens, smoking rooms etc.), which tend to remain soaked in the hair.

Discreet touch of style. Hair perfume can be that “extra touch” you don’t expect: elegant and discreet, a spray of perfume can convey sensuality and self-confidence, even if in a sober way. Spraying a fragrance on your hair can complete your look.

Unexpected gift. Hair perfume can be an original gift idea for her, but also for him: elegant and delicious, it can easily satisfy even the most demanding.

Traveling companion. Hair fragrances are excellent multipurpose travel companions: ideal for refreshing yourself while on the move, with a few sprays and an elegant gesture, allowing you to always be in order and fragrant even upon arrival, after a long journey. Being easy to carry around and reapply, they can also easily act as a temporary substitute for regular perfume (your scented hair will be more than enough!), So that you can pack a single product in a practical and comfortable way. Oublier les Temp can also be applied to the body, which makes it even more suitable for travel.

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