How to apply hair foam

Hair mousse is a product used to style hair to make it more voluminous and give it a shiny appearance.

It is lighter than gels and creams, an advantageous feature for various reasons: it does not weigh down the hair or mix it by sticking it.

The foam is perfect for men and women, especially if they have thin hair and want more volume.

This article is written after having worked and tested the Body Volume mousse produced by CODE ZERO hair interpreters®

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1. Moisten your hair: with this method, you will use the foam to give your hair a brighter and quicker appearance. If you want, you can wet them, but it’s not essential.

As a general rule, the wetter they are when you apply the foam, and the more transparencies appear when you finish combing them.

If you choose to get your hair wet, make sure it is evened, do not leave dry spots.

If you soak them completely, dab them with a towel first to remove excess water or quickly pass the hair dryer; the result must be that of hair just out of a shower.

The mousse is perfect for people who want to get the most out of thin hair or those who do not want to carry something with them to keep them in order all day, in order to reactivate it in fact it will be enough just a spray of water and you can fix them again.

The mousse therefore can also thicken the thinner and thinner hair.

2. Put some foam in the palm of your hand: hold the can upright for a better result. Start with a small dose (like a ping pong ball), if not enough you can always add more. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, the amount may vary slightly, for an average length, try with a quantity equal to a tennis ball.

Using too much foam can give your hair a shiny but slightly flat appearance. It will be fine if you want to keep them backwards, but if you try to volumize them, use little.

3. Work the mousse in the hair: Distribute it with both hands. Put your hands through your hair from front to back. Pay special attention to the roots (the part of the hair near the scalp). Make sure the foam is well distributed, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to work it so that the hair will completely intertwine. You can also try to make them stand upright by insisting on the roots with your fingertips.

4. Dry the hair: Use a hair dryer at low speed. Divide the hair with a comb so that the hair dryer reaches the roots. If you are looking for something quieter, dry your hair in the open air and arrange it with your hands.

If you dry them with the hair dryer, they will be stiffer than air drying. In this second case you can easily rearrange them during the day with your hands. Shape your hair while drying.

The foam is perfect for those styles that do not require extreme hold.

Add volume to the hair.

5. Moisten the hair: They should be completely wet, but not dripping. Pass them under the tap or shower. If they get too wet, just dab them with a towel.

6. Apply the mousse starting from the roots, strand by strand. Shake the can and hold it vertically, sprinkle a knob of foam on the hand. Divide the hair and apply the foam to the root of each lock, starting from the nape and going gradually towards the top of the head.

Distribute it evenly on the scalp with your fingers.

The more uniformly you apply the mousse, the more volume you can give to your hair.

7. Spread the mousse through your hair. Use both hands to work the foam so that it is evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair. If necessary, add more. Use a wide-toothed comb or brush gently to help distribute the product.

8. Dry the hair. Drying, the foam will solidify slightly, giving your hair more volume and strength. Use a hair dryer at low speed, paying attention to the roots. The deeper you dry the roots, the stronger the hair support will be; in this way you will have a greater volume.

To split the hair and dry it well, use a comb or a brush. For extra volume, brush your hair repeatedly by raising it at 90 ° to the head while drying it. They will thus have a full-bodied and very swollen appearance.

Alternatively, dry them in the air. With this option you will not have the same volume, but a “wet” and glossy appearance. You can comb them to make sure they are smooth and manageable without affecting the seal.

9. Shape your hair. Now that you have big hair, comb it as you like! This step is entirely at your discretion, there is no right or wrong solution.

Use foam as an expert

Identify the type of hair you have. The hair is different in structure and thickness. They can be thick, thin, straight, wavy, curled, frizzy, greasy, dry or a set of more features.

Body Volume is suitable for all hair types, however due to its particularly light hold, it may not be suitable for the larger ones.

Here are some tips for using Body Volume depending on the type of hair:

  • Thin: apply it quietly from the root along the entire length to give volume.
  • Greasy: wash them before applying the mousse. Leave the shampoo in place for a few minutes before rinsing.
  • Thick, or curly: apply a light balm to soften them and control the tendency to frizz.
  • Thin and / or dry hair: use a softening mousse with extra hold.

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