Curly hair like celebrities: how to get them at home, easily:

The hedgehog you’ve always envied: you can get them every day, just know how.

Wash, dry, love. Between beauty routine and training story, here is the curly mantra to try

Who has never wanted to have curly hair?

To always have defined curls and perfectly soft waves, an excellent product that enhances the natural texture of the hair is the NIKA nourishing fluid, Twisting Fluid.

Rich in protective polymers against thermal and environmental agents and essential oils, it nourishes curls and fights frizz and humidity.

It is applied to damp hair, and then proceeding by shaping the strands and drying with the diffuser.

To create a curly hairstyle, the first thing to do is to wash your hair as usual, applying very little conditioner and only on the tips (not to weigh down the hair).

Distribute TWISTING FLUID evenly on damp hair. and proceed with drying with a diffuser or of course.

You can apply TWISTING FLUID even if your hair is not curly but slightly wavy, for a soft, natural but defined look.

Among the stars who have chosen the curly style we find: Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry, Jaz Sinclair, we stop here, but the list is long and continuously growing.

Knowing the type of your hedgehog serves to make the most of your hairstyle:

  1. WIDE:

    wavy, with a wide and S-shaped type of curl!

  2. MEDIUM:

    well defined with body and volume. It is the most common, densest and easiest to model yet it requires more hydration (we recommend HYALU by NIKA) due to the shape of the largest curl and with a tendency to shrink when it dries.

  3. CLOSED:

    tight and dense curly hair.

We hope to have been useful and as usual here is the direct link to the product we tested and recommended NIKA Twisting Fluid available from the Official Partner NIKA Switzerland CLICHAIR.CH and distributed to different countries.

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