How to increase customers by offering specialized services


If you are an independent hairdresser, you will surely have encountered difficulties in acquiring new customers and above all on how to retain them.

In this article we will give a suggestion, in our opinion, very useful and that not all hairdressers have taken into consideration.

Many hairdressers, to acquire new customers, bet everything on the price by offering their customers low prices and promotions limited in time. This is undoubtedly a great system, but it often leads customers to get used to waiting for the promotion before making an appointment. This system is sometimes ineffective in terms of net profit per performance.

A very valid alternative is the inclusion of specific services and products for customers with particular needs or simply services that your competitor does not offer.

Yes, but what new service can I offer to my customers to differentiate myself?

Hair care is undoubtedly the service that retains customers the most:

Capillary reconstruction. The hair reconstruction is ideal for clients with thin and brittle hair, the treatment requires a high-end product (K-19 by NIKA) that gives results from the first application. A standard treatment lasts from 3 to 4 sessions. The hair will be completely rebuilt in a natural way, it will be thicker and harder.

Capillary botox or Capillary hydration. Moisturizing the hair with a 3-session treatment based on hyaluronic acid and diamond powder (Radiance by NIKA) gives the hair shine and softness, restoring the right hydration and ensuring protection from external events. The customer will love this service and will continue at home with specific products such as shampoo and mask, and hyaluronic acid spray (Hyalu by NIKA)

With these two services you will insert in your price list, you will give an even more professional and specific image, aimed not only at the fashion side of the coiffure sector but also at the care side, retaining your customers and acquiring new ones.

Be careful to choose the right product.

It is no coincidence that we chose K-19 and Radiance by NIKA Hair Beauty Excellence®, as they are leading products in the Hair Care market. This will allow you to offer an excellent certified and award-winning service, but also to receive technical support regarding the treatment application technique.

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