Hair gel: which one to choose and how to apply it


When styling gels appeared on the beauty market due to the high quantity of gel used or because of its poor quality, a glue effect could be had.

Modern products have highly technological consistencies you just need to know how to make the right choice and how to use them.

Hair styling gel or hair gel is a universal water-based styling product.

It is a kind of semi-transparent, transparent or colored jelly applied to slightly wet hair, the gel creates a membrane that returns additional volume and elasticity to each individual hair, making styling easier.

The product rinses easily with water without shampooing, which can also be a disadvantage as fixing may be unsafe in case of rain.

Types of gel

There are different types of styling gels:

  • Classic gel: it is a more frequent type present in the usual jars it is universal, only the fixing changes;
  • Liquid: it is perfectly suitable for fine hair that loses volume with the use of heavier products;
  • Spray: can perform the function of the hairspray at the end of the hairstyle. Gently fix the latter leaving the hair alive and soft;
  • Wax: has the densest texture and is used more often to define ends or locks. It is not recommended for fine or oily hair;
  • Coloring gel: allows you to identify locks with color and at the same time shape them. The color does not come on;
  • Lightening: its chemical composition when exposed to heat and ultraviolet rays allows you to obtain lightened locks without strong damage to their structure. It should not be rinsed;

Obviously, to get the best result you need to know how to use the styling gel.


Even a simple product like gel has secrets that will help create a flawless hairstyle. In order not to make a mistake, you need to know in which cases, which type of gel is suitable and how to apply it.

Let’s start with the secrets of the right choice.


Depending on the hairstyle you want to do, you will need a specific type of gel:

  • Light fixing gel: it is suitable for fine hair or to obtain the smoothing effect. It allows to make the hair more natural and does not stick the strands;
  • Flexible fixing gel is ideal for a modern style called pixie cut with slightly “messy” hair. The beauty of large natural curls, made with iron or plate, stands out well.
  • Medium hold gel: it is suitable for unruly or too dry hair that does not lend itself to a blowout or does not hold up at all. It is also used to add volume to the hair or to define some strands.
  • Strong hold gel: hairdressers prefer it for hairstyles for ceremonies that must last a few hours. With this gel, the hairstyle is altered a little, but it allows you to bend your hair well one by one.
  • Extra-strong fixing gel: used to create complex geometric constructions on long hair or to obtain the wet effect. It is often used for catwalks or weddings.

Most of the products listed above have at least two types of fixings so customers can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Rules of application

There are some general rules on how to apply the gel and some secrets to get the specific results:

  1. Apply the product only on clean hair;
  2. Distribute a small amount of gel on the hands and only then on the hair;
  3. It is easy to overdo the quantity so learn to take a small amount and then add if necessary;
  4. By applying the gel on the roots try not to put it on the scalp;
  5. Most gels are easily rinsed off without shampooing because they have a water base inside;
  6. Do not leave the gel overnight as they can become brittle;
  7. To shape some strands, distribute the gel carefully with your fingertips;
  8. To give more volume, apply the product on the roots and dry with a hair dryer by raising the strands a little;
  9. For the smoothing effect, distribute a small amount of gel on the hair and then pass the plate. It is better if the gel has heat protection;
  10. To create beautiful curls, apply the gel on a lock and then curl it with the hair straightener;
  11. The wet effect is easy to achieve on curly hair (naturally curly or after chemical curling) by putting gel on your hands and then working on the hair, leaving it to dry without a hairdryer;
  12. To get the messy effect, use the diffuser and medium hold gel.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult. The secret is not in the professionalism but in the quantity and quality of the product used.

The best hair gels according to us:

Soft wax, for defined results. Ideal for maximum enhancement of the details of any look. Gloss finish.

Gloss. What’s better to emphasize the cut and shades of color? With Shiny Wax, you can pass on your safety to those who watch you, always making the right choice. The one that makes you shine in the middle of a thousand.

Modeling clay-based paste for a disheveled look. Models, separates and defines, without sticking. Matt Finish.

Who, to express their free spirit, always wants to amaze and enchant will not be able to choose Matt Paste. With its extra hold and its matte effect, it is ideal for interpreting the strongest and most current hair trends.

Extra strong styling gel for optimal hold. Create crazy hair do’s. Fixxit ensures long hold and perfect structuring. Ideal for extreme styling and long hold. Apply to damp or dry hair, model and design.

Wetlook gel for a fresh and flashy look. The strong formula gives your hair optimal hold without feeling sticky in your hair or hands. Ideal for creating a splashing wetlook effect. Distribute the product in the hands, making it uniform on damp or dry hair and shape at pleasure.

Spray-on gel that creates shine and protection from humidity and thermal usage. By applying to the hair, creates an incredible support to all styles. Contains emollients to redefine the natural beauty of the hair while protecting it.

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