Balayage, the new trends for hair

to give natural and soft reflexes to a hair of undecided or dull color. Here are all the news coming.

Il balayage è una tecnica di colorazione che rispetto agli altri riesce a creare sfumature naturali più o meno enfatizzate senza avere alcun tipo di linea netta e nitida, come invece è successo con il classico colpo di sole o il meches obsoleto.

The nuances

For the brunette, the nuances of balayage to be privileged range from the warm and completely natural tones of chocolate to the nuances of caramel that give light without exaggerating the contrast.

For blondes, the favorite nuance is that which goes from ash to warm blond, sometimes it dares with platinum blonde on the tips.

For red, on the other hand, they range from golden copper to amber red to mahogany red or bright red like the last red ombré.

The news

Ribbon balayage. As the name suggests, these are balayages that involve strips of hair much larger than the usual lock. They look just like ribbons of color that float along the lengths. And they are also perfect for those with curly hair.

Boreal Balayage. It is a lightening technique that takes up the movement of the aurora borealis (hence the name), with very light waves intersected between them, this creates an even more natural effect, which allows the reflective whatever color is applied above be more nuanced and harmonious. On the lock with the lightening product the hairdresser goes to create “s”, read. The effect is indeed that of balayage, but even more natural.

Negative space hair. The method consists in leaving a certain number of locks without color to create a multidimensional effect. The result is a soft and very credible color.

Midlights. They add a subtle glow to the hair and work very well on medium lengths. The Balayage of connection are defined because they give natural nuances to the dark bases without distorting them.

Gemlights. Perfect for blondes, the hair coloring technique involves hair dyeing with shades inspired by precious stones and crystals such as rose quartz (soft pink), amethyst (lavender), angelite (sky blue) and green aventurine.

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